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The NFHS livestream is a single rooftop panning camera with no operator or announcers. There is a fee to watch the NFHS games.

This does not affect Commercial Video's professional multi-camera broadcast & HD streaming coverage with announcers and instant replay, at no cost to the viewer,

although we are not allowed to broadcast/stream the football games live.

We will delay-broadcast and stream in 3 hours after kickoff for games at Greenway Avenue Stadium and 4 hours after kickoff for Mountain Ridge home games. All Allegany, Fort Hill & Mountain Ridge

varsity football home and away games will be on Atlantic Broadband channel 20 and in HD on all of our online outlets as we have done for many years. This will be complete 3 school home and away coverage.

There are many options to watch the game.

in SD on Atlantic Broadband channel 20

HD stream on the Commercial Video Website:


Also in HD on:

The Boxcast channel which is available on Roku, Smart TV's, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Add the Boxcast Channel to your

channel menu then search for the Commercial Video Channel within Boxcast.